January 14, 2008
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Residents should resist wind plans

I refer to your feature on the proposed wind monitoring mast at Elvington waterworks (Village wind turbine move, The Press, January 10).

There is a potential for two or more giant turbines to be constructed very close to Elvington village.

Turbine viability in low lying areas is determined by height – this has been demonstrated at Loftsome Bridge where the turbines are 90 metres high. These are large industrial installations which ought not to be described as a farm’ which has rural connotations.

The main beneficiaries will be Yorkshire Water shareholders and company executives; residents of Elvington and other nearby villages will have to put up with the monstrous structures in the landscape.

Yorkshire Water should be reducing leaks and encouraging consumer water conservation.

This would mean less water would have to be treated and pumped and in turn less electrical power would be required. That would require significant long-term investment – wind turbines are an easy, short-term, but shortsighted way out.

I would urge the residents of Elvington and their representatives to resist the current proposals, which are part of the “softening up” process and very little to do with monitoring – this has already been done a few miles away, at Loftsome Bridge.

David Randon, Blue Slates Close, Wheldrake, York.

Gazette & Herald

14 January 2008

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