January 13, 2008
Opinions, Wisconsin

Myths, misconceptions

It’s hard for me to understand how intelligent people believe the propaganda that wind factories are environmentally benign. The only beneficiaries of wind factories are wind industry profiteers and hosting landowners who are picking taxpayers’ pockets.

Wind factories aren’t the panacea for lower carbon dioxide emissions because coal-fired backup is needed due to wind’s inability to produce constant, reliable power; in fact, they may cause more carbon dioxide emissions. In the last three decades, no conventional power plant in Europe has been closed because of wind energy production. In fact, more conventional plants have been built to counter the disruptions.

The inefficient 17 percent energy production from a turbine does not merit the $1.2 million tax-funded price tag. Because of its inefficiencies, wind will never replace a significant amount of coal-based electricity production.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory projects 25,000 birds and 62,000 bats will die for every 2.2 GW of installed wind capacity. The latest bird death studies from the U.S., Denmark, Germany and Australia support this estimate. The latest Kerlinger, post-construction wind study in Virginia found 8,580 to 15,967 birds and bats killed by 190 wind turbines in one year.

So, without regard for the hundreds of thousands of migratory song and water birds using the Horicon International Flyway, the Invenergy wind factory was constructed. Wind factories compound the risks to birds and bats already impacted by human activities.

Wind factories constructed in proximity to human populations can cause Vibroacoustic Disease, recognized in Portugal, the United Kingdom and France. Low-frequency C-level waves produced by turbines cause neurological, cardiac, respiratory and sleep disorders. In the flawed hope or myth that wind factories will help the atmosphere, we’re killing wildlife and hurting our health.

To really help, stop burning trash, turn off the lights and plant trees not turbines.

Joe Breaden of Mayville is a member of Horicon Marsh Systems Advocates.

Fond du Lac Reporter

13 January 2008

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