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Goodby to the Solway Firth

2008 has seen us waving goodbye to a dear old friend – the Solway Firth.

Maryport people are being awakened at 5am by the sound of pile-driving as four base units for the Robin Rigg wind farm have been established and the prospect of another 56 of these eyesores is yet to come.

The mindless destruction is already irreversible; one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the world will be ruined forever.

A victory for the profiteers and misguided green people?

No, not really. Hearts and minds will not be won with this sort of corporate bullying; we West Cumbrians are far too savvy for that.

But what a sad farce it all is, eh?

We are being told not to use low-energy light bulbs as they are injurious to our health, giving us skin rashes from the poisonous mercury content.

Our global warming saviour, E-on, now wants to build a ‘dirty’ coal fired power station in Kent, burying the Co2 emissions underground waiting to be released on unsuspecting generations to come.

On New Year’s Day, my 14-year-old nephew gave a very eloquent speech on the folly of wind, urging instead to harness that other great gift from Mother Nature, solar power. I was well impressed.

Maybe our futures are not so bleak after all.

Maybe the time has come for us to listen to the wisdom of our young people rather than the ravings of the burned-out middle-aged who seem only to want to make a quick buck and a name for themselves under the guise of going green!


Kirby Street