January 9, 2008

Lake Land College receives $30,000 wind energy grant

MATTOON – Lake Land College recently received a grant of $30,000 for a Wind Turbine Feasibility Study from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.

“I’m very proud that Lake Land has received this boundless opportunity to expand research in alternative energy,” said Scott Lensink, interim president. “The grant will help the college continue toward its goal of becoming a leader in alternative energy education.“

Lake Land has a study for researching alternative energy already in place. Tim VanDyke, technology division chair, is in charge of a two-year study on wind energy, which is one of several projects the college is researching in order to move into more environmentally friendly fuels.

“We are sitting on top of an infinite amount of alternative energy sources yet to be utilized,” said VanDyke. “Continuing to study the options available will aid us in becoming a more energy efficient college.”

During the first phase of the grant, the college will complete wind data acquisition at two sites, one on campus and the other off campus, two and a half miles away. There will also be a review of the wind turbine models with an emphasis on the low wind designs during this phase.

The second phase will provide for an in-depth analysis of the wind data from both tower sites and include decisions on turbine type, soil borings, ecological impact and a detailed project cost estimate.

The college will report the progress of the study after the first phase is completed and submit a statement on the plan to proceed with the second phase of the study.


9 January 2008

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2008/01/09/lake-land-college-receives-30000-wind-energy-grant/