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Public beaches should not be used for windmill project

The public beaches that Florida Power & Light would like to use for its windmills were obtained “for environmental protection and compatible outdoor recreation.” The management plan includes “to preserve a section of the coastline from further development, protect its native plants and animals, and provide recreational opportunities to the people of St. Lucie County.” And further, “to protect environmentally significant natural communities and maintain the land in as natural state as possible.”

Hopefully our officials have the integrity to honor earlier agreements made with the citizens and the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, and will resist political expedience and easy budgetary enhancement. There is other land available on the beach for commercial use, if FPL would care to buy it.

If we cannot honor past commitments, why even bother making commitments? Government might be irrelevant. We’ll see. 

John Holt

Fort Pierce


25 December 2007