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Turbines a nice little earner

With reference to your column in the Star regarding the proposed wind turbines at Mynydd Waun.

It is necessary to understand that the rape of the Welsh countryside has absolutely nothing to do with green energy and everything to do with the European Union’s “renewables obligation”, which compels generating companies to buy power from wind farms, and, secondly, the EU’s “climate change levy”, which penalises industry for not using it.

This massive hidden subsidy has turned wind power into a nice little earner for companies such as National Wind Power to produce a mere 0.3 per cent of our energy needs.

Wind power is one of the grand delusions of our age, when you consider that a single aluminium works in Anglesey uses 220MW, more than is produced by every turbine in the country.

In addition the politicians would have us believe that building these wind farms has something to do with cutting carbon emissions, but fail to disclose how much carbon emission is created by their very construction installation and servicing.

I don’t know if it’s understood that all normal planning rules for the sighting of these wind turbines are swept aside, arguing that the Government’s support for renewable energy must outweigh all else.

David Surry, Powys

Shropshire Star

21 December 2007