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Commissioners should say no to windmills

I am very much in favor of wind turbine-generated power or any other source which will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels for energy. I am very much opposed to placing wind turbines on our public beaches and cannot imagine anyone giving this proposal serious consideration, especially those elected to protect the public interest.

As one who has been in close proximity to those behemoths in operation, let me pass on my thoughts. First, something that large spinning above you creates a high level of anxiety. Then there is the swooshing sound as each of the huge, rotating propeller blades passes by in concert with the whine of the generator. In addition, the blades’ moving shadow creates a strobe effect which will be cast directly on the parks before and after mid-day, the otherwise most popular time to visit.

There has been some concern for birds in the vicinity, but my guess is that the birds would have enough sense to relocate far away from such unnatural objects, although there may be cause for concern about pedestrians and vehicles with distracted drivers in the area. Come to think of it, the turbines would be visible from the mainland, too.

Those parks are for the pleasure of the taxpayers who fund them, not the benefit of Florida Power & Light, which would take that pleasure away with the help of our elected governing body. Commissioners, do not let this turn into an excuse for another first-class junket. View a video, if you must, and just say no.

Questions: 1. What are the benefits of this proposal to the taxpaying citizens? 2. Who else benefits from this absurd idea? 3. Why is FPL considering soil tests prior to any official decision by St. Lucie County on this matter? 4. Will this newspaper look into this in-depth and report the findings? 5. Why not consider harnessing the power of the tidal flow through a passage between the Atlantic and Indian River at FPL’s nuclear plant site?

Jim Weir

Fort Pierce


13 December 2007