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Time to stop wind industry spinning

How can the so-called “exciting” news of Britain expanding its wind power to 33 megawatts and the figure of two megawatts being quoted as our current output, be anything else than rubbish?

An understanding of kilowatts, megawatts and gigawatts is an essential part of the “renewable” energy debate.

The Voice of the West Country column stating that “offshore gales to save the planet” took the cautious line, and put a question mark at the end, but could have explained that the weekend gales gusting at 87mph on the Lizard, 67mph at St Mawgan etc would have shut down the wind turbines, which happens at over 55mph, as they become dangerous. No planet saved those days, then.

Today’s environmental concerns by so-called experts have come a bit late in the day for seal cubs off Great Yarmouth, for when the project was being developed, hundreds of aborted cubs and fully formed carcasses washed ashore along the Norfolk coastline. The developers totally ignore wildlife concerns when it comes to money in the form of taxpayer subsidies.

The media/government announcement of 7,000 wind turbines (one every half mile?) would have an installed capacity of 35,000 megawatts. They say they will supply power to all the homes in Britain. As the UK requires 62,000 megawatts, they have disregarded all services and industry, and are once again conning the public by allowing 1 kilowatt per home, when a kettle requires on average 3 kilowatts to boil it.

Of course, the main twist in their “sales” talk, is that the wind needs to be over 30mph to get full power, and that happens only 1 per cent of the year. Overall they may only get 30 per cent of the installed capacity.

Isn’t it about time the Advertising Standards Authority took a firm grip on Government and Wind Industry spin?

Alan J Nunn

St Austell


12 December 2007