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Protestors not convinced

Anti-wind farm campaigners turned out to protest at public consultation venues last week into amended plans for a wind farm at Davidstow.

Community Windpower Ltd has redesigned proposals for a 20-turbine wind farm which is now intended for Davidstow Woods and farmland to the south, not Davidstow airfield as previously proposed.

The company says no planning application has yet been submitted. It says it will consult with local people, statutory bodies and the local authorities.

Last week consultation events outlining the amended plans were held at Tremail and Camelford.

But Bob English, spokesman for STINC (Stop Turbines In North Cornwall), remained critical of the plans following the event.

He said: “After this second so-called consultation the only conclusion that could be drawn was that we are under pressure from people who have no regard for our community, our countryside or us.”

He said wind farm backers “just wish to cash in on the huge amounts of money that they can make,” and claimed that they would try “all tricks” to get their way.

Mr English said STINC was also concerned about wildlife that could be affected by the turbines.

“These woods are where millions of starlings come to roost in the winter,” added Mr English.

Community Windpower Ltd said: “We firmly believe that the revised scheme with its reduced footprint and the extensive community and environmental benefits proposed, is well designed.”

The spokesman said that “in addition the scheme will give Cornwall its much-needed remaining 50% of the 2010 renewable energy target. ”


5 December 2007