November 30, 2007

New wind power goals: More windmills may be on Sweden’s horizon

Writing in Friday’s Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish Energy Agency’s Director-General Thomas Korsfeldt and project manager Klas Tennberg say Sweden needs 6000 new wind power plants in order to reach European Union renewable energy goals.

When it comes to wind power, Sweden’s current annual output is 1.4 terawatts an hour from 800 plants. The national Energy Agency suggests a goal of 30 TWh by 2020. That’s trippling the goal currently in place.

There are a few hurdles before the wind lights up our lives – Korsfeldt says the permit process has to be speeded up and streamlined. But at the end of the day, he’d like to see a third of the proposed plants out at sea and the rest on land.

Sveriges Radio International

30 November 2007

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