November 28, 2007
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Your say on wind farm plans

We’ve been inundated with letters and emails about the plans to site eight 125 metre high wind turbines near Baumber. Here’s some of the letters we couldn’t fit in this week’s paper.

EDITOR: Who exactly are the 80 per cent of people in favour of wind turbines referred to by Mr Chapelhow of Enertrag UK?

Obviously not the poor souls of Baumber who are going to have their quality of life blighted by these enviromentally unfriendly monstrosities for the foreseeable future.

I’ll bet my next energy bill that mr Chapelhow doesn.t live anywhere near a wind turbine. Top enviromental experts like David Bellamy et al are opposed to these monsters. Their energy output (when their not stood idle) is minimal and of no benefit whatsoever to the local community.

Wake up people and see them for what they are, a PR exercise by the energy corporations and a sop to the Eco movement. Stick ’em where they belong – out of sight and out of mind – out to sea.
Greg Roberts, Baumber

EDITOR: Beware – rearrange “Enertrag” and you get “green rat”, which is about right.

They are only interested in the huge subsidies that you will pay on your electricity bill. It is set to reach £1billion a year and rising.

And for what? A dribble of electricity, only when there’s the right kind of wind. It will struggle to deliver 25 per cent efficiency. So it needs power station backup to keep the lights on. Meaning it is a complete waste of time and money.

Will it cut greenhouse gases? You must be joking. This is about greed, not green.
Name and address supplied.

EDITOR: Another ugly sign of developers’ greed, supported by an uncaring government, paid for by us – nothing ‘green’ in sight, only the total devastation and industrialisation of our precious countryside with destruction of wildlife and added noise and health issues for inhabitants thrown in. Variable, intermittent, unpredictable and uncontrollable electricity – not at all what we need. Just another sad day.
Anna Grabis

EDITOR: I read your article regarding the wind farm with real concern.
Although rightly reported this area is thinly populated it affords wide views to Lincoln and far beyond, especially from the A158 Lincoln Road.

This development will change this beautiful landscape considerably. If it is passed, what will prevent the eight turbines escalating as other farmers seek to derive income, so that vast swathes of Lincolnshire’s open and unspoilt countryside is littered with these objects?

This site is so close to the wolds and is integral to the conservation and preservation of the area that is seeking to attract more visitors to Horncastle and the coast.

I have been really heartened that Horncastle is becoming more attractive, along with encouraging new businesses on the back of recent careful improvements to the fabric and character of the town.

It has been rightly named as the ‘Gateway to the Wolds’, but soon you may have to drive past eight massive tur
bines on your way through Baumber…. hardly an idyillic countryside view.

I fully accept that wind power may play an increasing role in power generation, but these should be sited in designated sites where they will provide little impact. There are vast areas in the south of the county where there are flat open fields with even fewer residents
and do not rely on tourism and is used purely for arable production.

Unfortunately, I am probably the resident that is if passed, going to be affected the most, as my cottage will be slap bang in the middle of it.

You might argue that I have a vested interest in seeing this development stopped, but as I have stated, I feel that it is so important that the character and beauty of the whole of the area around Horncastle and the wolds is protected, (North, South, East and West.)..
for the future for all.
Melvin Grosvenor.

Horncastle News

27 November 2007

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