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100 strong protest against Radnorshire windfarm

A local politician led a group of about 100 people to demonstrate their objection to a proposed wind farm in north Radnorshire at the weekend.

Roger Williams, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, was joined by crowds carrying placards against the construction of a wind farm on Pentre Tump, near Llanfihangel Nant Melan on Sunday November 25.

Angela Kelly, from conservation group Country Guardian, explained: “They gathered on the site, carrying placards to show their complete rejection of such inappropriate and unnecessary industrialisation of this beautiful unspoilt area in the heart of Kilvert country.”

There are currently plans to build three 91 metre tall wind turbines on the New Radnor site, each with three 31 metre long blades.

Protesters on foot were joined by a group of riders on horseback from Free Rein, the local trekking centre.

They use the old council road which would be overshadowed by the wind turbines. They have concerns that the rotating blades could cast a tangle of long, moving shadows over the ground, which together with the noise of the turbines, may confuse and scare horses.

Save Our Scenery Radnorshire, a local opposition group explained their anti-wind farm stance: “We do not believe that the small amount of energy generated would justify the damage to the landscape. The proposed three turbines would generate on average 1.2 megawatts. Compare this with the UK winter demand of 62,000MW. No conventional power stations would close because standby power has to be ready at all time.”

Roger Williams has said that he is “sceptical about the contribution of wind farms to mitigating climate change” and also expressed concerns regarding their impact on the countryside.

SOS Radnorshire share this concern, and the financial impact: “These turbines would dominate the upland area for miles around. Tourismd plays a major part in the local economy. Visitors come to Radnorshire for the beauty of the landscape, who will go elsewhere if the countryside is transformed.

“Consider the impact on property values. There are no benefits for local communities here, only blighted landscape.”

A spokesman for Powys County Council said: “The council has received new information regarding the application including a planning statement, ecological statement and landscape impact assessment.”

They confirmed that the application for a wind farm on Pentre Tump is likely to be heard by the Radnorshire Planing Sub-Committee in the new year.

Brecon & Radnor Express

25 November 2007