November 24, 2007

Renewable energy means higher rates

The average Xcel Energy customer would see a rate increase of 79 cents a month under a plan filed by the company Friday to comply with Colorado’s renewable energy standards.

Xcel’s Renewable Energy Compliance Plan was filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to explain how the company will meet renewable energy requirements passed by the state Legislature last year.

It is all part of Xcel’s plan to decrease carbon emissions 10 percent by 2017.

Under the plan, Xcel is asking the commission to increase a renewable energy surcharge on electricity bills. The additional fee, known as the Renewable Energy Standard Adjustment, is used to buy more renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Xcel is asking the PUC to increase the charge from 0.6 percent to 2 percent on customer’s electricity bills.

The move will add 79 cents to the monthly bill of an average homeowner using 625 kilowatt-hours per month. The average homeowner currently pays $57.04 per month. For businesses, the change would mean $1.27 more per month for the average business currently paying $91.17 a month.

The money will be used to acquire more wind and solar power.

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Vail Daily

23 November 2007

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