November 21, 2007
Letters, New York

Your backyard could be next

I have had several discussions regarding turbines and the Warnerville Hill Project in the town of Richmondville. Many people say, “I see why people are concerned, I’d be upset if it were in my backyard, near my family, and decreasing my property value, BUT they’re not near me.”

I’d like to make a point that your backyard may very well be next. It has been brought to my attention that there is currently the potential for two projects planned in the Jefferson area. If we set standards to allow one project in the town of Richmondville, these same standards will affect hills in other areas of Richmondville, possibly in your backyard, affecting your families, homes and property values. PLEASE keep this fact in mind if you are surveyed regarding the placement of turbines.

I believe the Richmondville standards could also be used in the placement of turbines in the neighboring towns in Schoharie County. Alicia A. Terry, director of planning with Schoharie County Planning and Development Agency, is serving as the facilitator for the Richmondville meetings. I believe the Warnerville Hill Project is just the beginning of turbines in our county.

If we must allow industrial turbines in our town and county, please vote to have a respectable setback (minimum of 2,000 feet) to help the neighboring families and property owners feel safe living next to them.

Elaine Seacord


The Daily Star

20 November 2007

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