November 20, 2007

Wind farm plan gets second chance

Four state agencies today agreed to give an off-shore wind farm a second chance.

The agencies set a December deadline for Bluewater Wind and Delmarva Power to complete negotiations for a 25-year power purchase agreement for wind power.

The state agencies empowered a negotiator to act as an arbitrator, and Delmarva President Gary Stockbridge said he hopes that further negotiations address the issue of fairness to customers. He said under the current proposed contract, only 28 percent of Delmarva’s customers would pay for the wind farm.

He also said he hopes more companies will get the chance to bid on the wind contract.

But the state agencies, while appearing to offer some opportunity to spread out the costs, did not indicate a willingness to rebid the wind contract to other companies.

When asked if Delmarva would ultimately sign a contract without more competitive bidding, Stockbridge said, “We never say never. We’ll just see how this evolves.”

By Aaron Nathans

The News Journal

20 November 2007

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