November 16, 2007

Council mulls turbine action

Allerdale council planners will decide by the end of this month what action to take against energy giant E.on for failing to ensure that its turbines keep on turning.

E.on has two turbines out of commission on its Siddick wind farm, one at Oldside and one at Lowca, which is in Copeland.

E.on says all need new parts which are unobtainable.

When planning consent was given for the wind farms, the operators undertook to ensure that no turbine stood idle for more than six months.

A council spokesman said a letter had been sent to E.on telling about the breach of planning consent.

The only turbine that the company agrees is in breach of the planning condition is at Oldside. It says it has not worked since November 2006 and that it needs new blades.

It has been claimed, though, that the mast – the one closest to the Port of Workington – has not turned for three years and that two turbines at Siddick have been out of commission for well over six months

The dispute over how long turbines have been out of commission has raised the question of how accurately Allerdale is able to monitor their operation.

There are currently plans for eight new wind farms in West Cumbria.

Times & Star

16 November 2007

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