November 14, 2007
Letters, Wisconsin

Wind turbines are huge waste of taxpayer money

Are we so desperate for a solution to our energy needs that we’ll approve anything that seems to hold promise?

People don’t want to face the fact that industrial wind turbines are a huge waste of our money.

An Oct. 30 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, for example, gives a hint as to what lies ahead for our financial futures. The article noted that Wisconsin is expected to see many new wind farms announced as utilities comply with a state law requiring that 10 percent of the state’s electricity be generated from nonpolluting, renewable sources of power by 2015.

We Energies is expected to spend $1.5 billion on wind power projects. According to the article, “Funding for one of its wind farms now under construction is included in a request to raise power prices in January. Customers would be asked to start paying for the $200 million project as part of the price increase that state regulators are expected to be deciding two years from now … ”

Stop this madness! Why not help businesses and homeowners get off the grid or use less from the grid through incentives for them?

This poorly planned industrial wind turbine approach will destroy our local environments, set us up to pay huge utility bills forever, make utility investors very happy – and we’ll still have an energy problem.

Joan Karls,


Appleton Post-Crescent

14 November 2007

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