November 13, 2007

New wind farm may move on in

Windmills may be moving into a popular recreational area, causing much controversy around eastern Idaho.

Wolverine Canyon is known for being a great recreational area. Many folks don’t want that to change, while others are all for new opportunities.

Planning and zoning commission granted a special use permit that will allow 150 wind turbines to be installed in Wolverine Canyon.

The project will call for over 17,000 acres of land to be leased from private land owners.

Each of the proposed turbines is set to generate one-and-a-half to three megawatts of power, enough to power 600 to 1200 homes.

Kelly Bingham and his family own 12,000 acres of land, some of which will most likely be used for the wind farm.

Bingham says he welcomes the windmills open arms, and adds this is a great way to help our environment, and his pocketbook.

“We’ve got to make money. We’ve got land, we have to bring in revenue. We bring in revenue from cattle and farming but there has to be other options with higher fuel prices, and vehicle prices, we need other options,” says land owner Kelly Bingham.

Bingham adds he’d much rather look at wind mills, than additional houses in the area.

However, many people are feuding over the land because it is such a popular recreational area, and they don’t want to see windmills get in the way of that.

The fate of Wolverine Canyon will be determined at 10am tuesday, during a public meeting in Bingham County.

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