November 8, 2007

Wind ordinance gets final makeover in Glenmore

GLENMORE – The Town Board this week made final changes to the ordinance that regulates wind energy systems, after nearly a year of revisions.

The board adopted the Wind Energy System Ordinance in late 2006 as part of the town’s zoning regulations.

Town Clerk Lana Ossmann said she expects the final version to be available before the end of the year.

The adopted ordinance needed tweaking after the Town Board voted to allow Emerging Energies to build eight turbines on land owned by four families.

On April 2, the board enacted a six-month moratorium on new wind energy system approvals until the wind ordinance changes could be made.

Beyond clarifications and word-choice changes, the board also approved the following final changes:

# A new conditional-use permit must be obtained if a Wind Energy Facility expands beyond the original application information provided or after the issuance of a building permit the Town Board would determine there to be significant change to the project.

# If allowed by the state, the town reserves the right to impose impact fees on Wind Energy System projects approved after Monday.

# An owner shall provide the town with an irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of $20,000 per windmill for decommissioning. The letter must be issued by the Denmark State Bank in a form approved by the town attorney. The town reserves the right to adjust the amount of this financial assurance, if needed.

# Landowners who accept the good neighbor payment will still have the same protection that the Wind Energy System Ordinance affords to all residents.

# Prior to scheduling any zoning meetings, the wind energy company and/or landowners of the proposed wind system must notify the Town Board and neighbors within a two-mile radius of the intended system establishment.

By Sara Boyd

Breen Bay Press-Gazette

8 November 2007

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