November 7, 2007
Minnesota, South Dakota

PUC approves transmission line

The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission has cleared the way for construction of 10 miles of a large electric transmission line that’ll run 86 miles from Brandon to Lakefield, Minnesota.

An Xcel (EX’-sel) Energy official says it needs the line so it can comply with Minnesota regulations that require the utility company to provide about 5,000 megawatts of wind power by 2020.

The new transmission line will boost Xcel’s present capacity to deliver wind power from the present 425 megawatts to 825 megawatts.

The power line will be installed along Interstate 90.

Although construction of 10 miles of the line in South Dakota was approved by the state Public Utilities Commission, the officials say they’re frustrated with resistance to extension of transmission lines in Minnesota that would accommodate development of more wind power in South Dakota.

(By AP Writer Joe Kafka)

7 November 2007

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