October 31, 2007

Study backs plan for wind farms despite widespread opposition

A report into two proposed wind farms in Yorkshire and Lancashire has deemed the controversial schemes “acceptable” in landscape and visual terms.

The proposed schemes for five 410ft high turbines on Todmorden Moor, Calderdale, and three turbines the same height at Reaps Moss, in Rossendale, have brought strong opposition.

But a report by a Lancashire County Council’s special landscape advisor said that the proposed wind farm at Todmorden Moor would be “acceptable in landscape and visual terms” and that both wind farms would be “acceptable in combination”.

The report added: “Todmorden Moor is a fascinating harsh and rugged historic
landscape that owes much of its landscape character to many years of man’s activities including agriculture, transport and resource extraction particularly for power generation.

“The proposed wind farm would be a temporary feature that added a new chapter to the landscape’s industrial history.”

The assessment, which covered the individual and cumulative impacts of both proposed schemes, appears to contradict a report earlier this year by Julie Martin Associates, which recommended the plans are rejected because of their visual impact.

Coronation Power said the wind farms would contribute to local, national and international targets of generating renewable energy to tackle the harmful effects of climate change.

But Friends of the South Pennines has said if Coronation Power gets planning permission, Todmorden will be “degraded” after all the efforts of recent years to improve the area.

By Fiona Evans

Yorkshire Post

31 October 2007

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2007/10/31/study-backs-plan-for-wind-farms-despite-widespread-opposition/