October 19, 2007

Wind farms rejection welcomed

Campaigners have cautiously welcomed the rejection of two large wind schemes in Holderness, although they fear the developers will appeal.

East Riding Council members unanimously refused an application by Renewable Energy Systems for an 11-turbine proposal at Sunderland Farm, Roos and one by EnergieKontor UK, for seven turbines at Monkwith, close to Tunstall and Roos.

An application, also by EnergieKontor UK, for nine turbines at Withernwick was withdrawn on Wednesday.

A fourth proposal, by E.ON UK, for a three-turbine wind farm at Tedder Hill, Roos, which would have provided enough energy for five villages in the area, was deferred for more investigation into the impact on tourism and transport.

Resident Jackie Cracknell, from Hilston, close to the Monkwith site, said: “We are not celebrating. I think the parish needs to be alive to the issue that they might well be appeals and my concern is that 20 per cent of the appeals get approved.”

A major issue is that of potential interference with the radar at Staxton Wold, although developers argue that a new system being adopted by the RAF will alleviate the problem.

However the meeting was told objections from the Ministry of Defence still stood.

Councillors were reminded that a scheme at Goole Fields was approved four years ago and was still in abeyance until the issue of the impact of the turbines on the radar system at Robin Hood airport was resolved.

Miss Cracknell, vice chairman of Roos Parish Council, said: “It seems to me that the energy companies are trying to put pressure on the Ministry of Defence to suggest wind farms are acceptable clutter on radar when quite clearly, they are not because they could compromise national security and they could compromise air safety.”

After the meeting Philip Parker, the council’s head of planning said: “Undoubtedly there will be a solution (to the radar issue) but the question is how soon.

“The MoD are telling us they are not there yet. Our understanding is that any new system would require significant testing over a fairly lengthy period of time.

“I think it is reasonable to say there’s not a solution round the corner.”

The windpower industry argues that the country has to make provision for other forms of renewable energy, to prevent having to pay far higher prices for imported gas in the future.

Supporters believe 25 per cent of Britain’s electricity could be derived from windpower by 2020.

Conrad Atkinson, of EnergieKontor UK, said they would look at appealing or resubmitting the Monkwith application. They would resubmit Withernwick, but not until the radar issue was resolved.

Meanwhile planning councillors gave unanimous approval to a new gas storage facility north of Aldbrough, whose ten caverns will be created by pumping pressurised seawater into an underground salt layer

Derick Cottell, Gas Storage Manager, at E.ON UK, said: “We’re delighted at the council’s decision and will be moving forward with the offshore consent process while we wait for formal planning consent.”

By Alexandra Wood

Yorkshire Post

19 October 2007

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