October 13, 2007

Cause of turbine fire still under investigation

GARNER – Officials from Florida Power and Light Energy have teamed with the manufacturer of wind turbines in an attempt to learn what started a fire that destroyed a turbine Oct. 3 at the Hancock County Wind Farm.

Denmark-based Vestas is working with the Juno Beach, Fla., company in the investigation.

“We have a large number of these units,” said Florida Power and Light spokesman Steve Stengel. “It has never happened before, so we believe it is a very isolated incident.”

The large compartment, holding the gear box and electric components more than than 200 feet above the ground, burned and two of three 77-foot blades broke off.

No one was injured and damage was limited to the turbine

Stengel said it could be several weeks before a cause is determined.

— By Bob Link

Globe Gazette

12 October 2007

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