October 12, 2007
Letters, Scotland

Not so good vibrations

Local residents, Bob Graham (writer of letter in ‘The Northern Scot’, October 5) and other interested folk may wish to ask Natural Power at their forthcoming open days what I asked Fred Olsen Renewables at their Aberlour wind farm last month.

I presented a letter asking if they could deny that mechanical vibrations from their turbines may devastate invertebrates, arthropods, fungi, bio-aerosols, land fertility – all at the base of the food chain – and the structure of peat itself, causing its collapse and the rotting pollution of waterways that neither the whisky industry nor tourism would welcome.

Technical representatives couldn’t, and a senior executive refused to answer, rudely wanting to know who I was. So I have written to the Fred Olsen HQ in Norway, and await their response with great interest.

I wonder what Natural Power would say? – Yours etc,

Dixie Dean (Prof Em), BSc, MIET, MBA, BIM, FRSA, Honorary Lecturer, European Centre for Professional Ethics, 23 Queen’s Own Place, Forres

The Northern Scot

12 October 2007

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