October 3, 2007

Noxen approves ordinance to regulate wind turbines

NOXEN – Supervisors on Tuesday approved an ordinance that regulates wind turbine facilities.

In May, supervisors tabled taking action on a proposed wind turbine ordinance after BP Alternative Energy expressed concerns.

The company has said it intends to build a facility that would have 30 to 90 wind turbines in Forkston, Noxen and Eaton townships if tests determine the area has enough wind.

On Tuesday, BP Alternative Energy business developer Kevin Davis said BP is happy with the adopted ordinance and that testing continues.

BP has not submitted a formal project proposal.

Supervisor Thomas Nalbone, Jr. said he is pleased with the ordinance, which would allow the township to monitor a wind turbine facility project.

“I think that the ordinance offers us the ability to obtain information or to comment on information that is of particular concern to us,” he said.

BP and the township agreed Tuesday to add a clause that allows the township to request studies about the effects of wind turbines if the information is not considered proprietary.

“Delete the proprietary information if you have to, but give us the studies,” Mr. Nalbone said.

Michael Klein, an attorney who represented BP, said the company would redact proprietary information and provide an explanation.

Mr. Klein said the ordinance requires a company that proposes to build a wind turbine facility perform an environmental assessment.

The ordinance also allows the township to address any concerns it may have about a wind turbine project’s effect on the environment and town, according to Solicitor R. James Kamage.

“We would have to tell them why it’s harmful,” Mr. Kamage said.

A company would then be required to provide mitigation or show that the part of the project that concerns supervisors is not harmful.

Along with the supervisors’ review, the ordinance also requires a public meeting be held on an application for a wind turbine facility.

By Josh Mrozinski
Staff Writer

The Times-Tribune

3 October 2007

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