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Feelings run high after balloon demonstration

Shock and disgust is the reaction that was shown according to anti wind farm campaigners after they flew a balloon in the sky to demonstrate the scale of a controversial scheme near Gilberdyke.

Your Energy Ltd is currently seeking planning permission to build a 10 turbine wind farm between Eastrington, Gilberdyke, Kilpin and Laxton.

But campaign group Sixpenny Wood – Not (S-Not) put up a 6m x 2.5m balloon at 125m last Friday, Saturday and Sunday to show residents what the height the proposed 10 turbine wind farm will stand.

S-Not spokesman James Stephenson said: “The balloon has gone down a storm and you can see it for miles around.

“People have expressed their utter shock and disgust at the sheer scale of it and stopped on the land to come and see what it was.“

He added: “We are objecting to this on reasons that this is not the correct site.

“Your Energy have demonstrated they will kill birds and bats, which are a protected species and there is no other turbine farm on this scale located to this many households.”

S-Not also plan to fly the balloon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday over the next two weeks.

Matt Kelly, senior project manager for Your Energy Ltd said: “A large balloon flown at 125m demonstrates only what a large balloon at 125m looks like. Not what a wind turbine with an 80m hub-height and 45m blades would look like.

“People can view accurate, to-scale representations (photomontages) of how the turbines would look from over 30 viewpoints around the site, as included in our Environmental Statement.

“The photomontages are the best way to judge the potential visual impact at Sixpenny, and these are the tools used by the professional landscape architects who assess these wind farm proposals.

“Many local people have also joined us on bus trips to working wind farms, which is the best way to answer any questions about a modern wind farm.

“We suggest visiting one, or talking with someone who has been.”

But James said that only five of the 30 viewpoints are located in the immediate vicinity of the scheme.

He added: “If a balloon flown at 410ft only represents a balloon as Matt says then we suggest that Your Energy put 10 balloons up around the site so that people can see the full impact of the application.

“If they have nothing to worry about he should have no problem doing it.”

For further information from both groups visit www.sixpennywoodwindfarm.com or www.s-not.co.uk.

Goole Courier

27 September 2007