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Wrong questions

Llewelyn Rhys, the British Wind Energy Association’s lobbyist at the National Assembly (Letter, August 23), asks the wrong questions and reaches the wrong conclusions.

He cannot seriously believe that constructing miles of new roads, excavating huge holes in the ground and filling them with concrete, then erecting giant steel imported towers, and 120-foot glass fibre rotor blades will save Wales from climate change – or indeed make any significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

My Rhys sounds rather defensive to me, as well he should following the Radio 4 programmes investigating the shortcomings of wind generated electricity and problems with miles of overhead power lines for transmission. (Costing the Earth and You and Yours, BBC Radio 4, August 30).

Some 454 wind turbines have been constructed in Wales, with clear felling of trees, loss of habitat and landscapes, disruption of peat, and division of local communities. No power station has closed down, so how have they benefited Wales?


Tan y Glog, Ceredigion


7 September 2007