August 31, 2007
New Zealand

Meridian says appeal won't stop Makara wind farm

Meridian Energy says an appeal against a new wind farm at Makara, west of Wellington, is limited in its scope.

The Environment Court approved Meridian’s West Wind project in May which will see 62 wind turbines built across Wellington’s Makara Farm and Terawhiti Station.

This month Meridian confirmed it will build the turbines, which are expected to produce enough power for about 75,000 houses. Construction will take approximately two years.

The Makara Guardians group is asking the High Court and the Environment Court to consider new evidence relating to noise expected to come from the turbines.

Despite the appeal, Meridian Energy spokesman Alan Seay says the company will be proceeding as normal. He says the project is set to begin over the next few weeks with road-widening work in the Makara area.
Evidence ‘doubtful’

The Wind Energy Association says new evidence presented by Makara Guardians as part of an appeal against the wind farm is doubtful.

Their lawyer says the evidence relates to the opinion of a noise expert, who spoke against the Motorimu wind farm in Manawatu but supports West Wind even though it is a similar project.

However, Wind Energy Association head Fraser Clark says the conditions placed on the Manawatu project, based on what the noise expert said, are being disputed by the developer in the Environment Court.

Radio New Zealand

31 August 2007

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