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Not in my secret valley

I am a resident of Thompson’s Creek Road, Scone. I choose to live 20 minutes from town, down a dusty, pot-hole infested road, with not council garbage removal and mail delivered only three times a week.

I choose to live in a beautiful, tranquil valley, with extraordinary rock formations, where the nastiest thing is the flocks of cockatoos raiding the orange trees.

I love that I can ride my horse down the road and never pass a car, that I have to dodge the occasional kangaroo on a drive to town. It’s fantastic!

This is the reason why I live in Scone and not Newcastle or Sydney.

I do not however choose to have this serenity destroyed by the construction of twelve 150 metre high wind turbines on the ridge behind my house.

Twelve 50 metre wide monstrous eye-sores spinning away in the middle of bushland with wind tip speeds of 150 to 350 kilometres an hour.

Thompson’s Creek Road is a narrow, poorly maintained, rough and dusty road. You can see an approaching vehicle coming from four kilometres away because of the dust cloud.

Fortunately it is also a no-through and very quiet road.

If the proposed Kyoto Energy Park is permitted to go ahead it is estimated to generate up to 10,000 visitors per annum.

Thompson’s Creek Road will not be able to handle a huge increase in traffic from tourists and curious locals driving out for a look at the turbines,

The dust and noise would be horrific.

As a no-through road this dust and noise is compounded as every vehicle that comes out has to go back the same way.

I am not anti green energy in any way but let’s put these wind turbines in their place, away from residents and bushland (the Towari National Park).

Why not erect them close to the already existing power stations and mines where the landscape has already been irreversibly destroyed.

The impact visually would be lessened, no residents would be disturbed and a National Park would not be endangered.

The Kyoto Energy Park promises to generate greener, cheaper household electricity.

This is already achievable by us all.

Change existing light bulbs to the new fluorescent kind, turn off all unnecessary lights, ditch the clothes dryer, run your hot water system off peak and turn off the television and talk to your family.

I hope that Scone will always be known as the Horse Capital of Australia and not the wind farm capital.

By J Moschner

The Scone Advocate

30 August 2007