August 24, 2007
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Turbines will destroy our natural beauty

I am, as I believe the great majority of the population of this country are, greatly concerned about the effects of global warming, and how best to combat it.

I do not argue against wind energy being a useful tool in some circumstances and locations, although its efficiency – or lack of it – is a matter of concern.

I must declare myself as being an opponent of the three proposed wind power stations in Tynedale which are soon to be dealt with at a public inquiry, and hopefully stopped.

Holding the views that I do, I was horrified to read details of planning applications lodged by NPower Renewables for the construction of 60 metre wind monitoring masts at Bavington and Kirkharle (Courant, August 10). The arrogance of these developers is beyond belief.

For the spokesman for NPower to expect people to believe that should the public inquiry decide in favour of the three developments it would not necessarily proceed with its own, demonstrates it.

I hope that these applications are turned down to help discourage the several further applications of a similar nature in the Bavington/Colwell area which I feel sure will soon be made.

There must be a stand made, or the natural beauties of this area will be destroyed. If these developments are allowed to take place it will not be many years before they become obsolete, and we will be left with these monstrosities as they decay.



Hexham Courant

24 August 2007

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