August 20, 2007
Letters, Wales

Wind farm worry right

The concerns of the villagers of Glyncorrwg about landslides associated with the construction of wind farms above the village are understandable, given the incident near the village of Derrybrien (County Galway), in October 2003, when a wind farm was being built.About 70 acres of mountainside in the Slieve Aughty Range was believed to have been disturbed, with thousands of tonnes of peat and debris rolling down the mountains. Work on the wind farm had to be stopped and roads closed. Fortunately, in this case, the construction was away from houses.

The same is not true for the proposed turbines near Glyncorrwg. Heavy rain, which would normally be retained in peat deposits on the mountains and released gradually, can run-off more quickly if the deposits are disturbed by the type of massive construction associated with the preparation and erection of wind turbines and associated structures.

Janet Moseley

Craigcefnparc, Swansea

Evening Post

20 August 2007

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