August 1, 2007
Letters, Wales

So much for electrical wind generation

Perhaps all those politicians, councils, planning officers and pro-wind members of the public who support the utter nonsense and madness of large scale wind commercially produced electrical energy would be kind enough to explain why Germany is now considering building up to 26 coal-fired power stations?

Especially when Germany already has 17,000 wind turbines whirring away, to the delight of the European green lobby.

Are all those misguided folk aware that the German company E.ON (which owns Powergen) has itself admitted that “no one” would be building wind generators without the “God-given” generous subsidy.

You really have to question whether the inmates have taken over the asylum in the UK – why are we British so stupid, or would it be apathetic, to put up with it all?

It is unbelievable that E.ON, among others, is doing a roaring trade building ineffective windfarms across Wales, Scotland and England, desecrating the beautiful countryside while making a very nice profit at our expense.

But it really does takes one’s breath away to realise that Germany is now considering further embracing fossil fuel generation.

So much for electrical wind generation, then!

Dave Haskell Boncath, Pembrokeshire

Western Morning News

31 July 2007

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