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Wind turbines will ruin area

The idea that the New York Catskills, our beautiful land, may be taken over by 400-foot-tall industrial wind turbines is making me ill! These IWTs do not belong in our backyard!

You may not have them directly in the site of your home, but you will see them, and you will feel the destruction that they will do to our community.

Property values will plummet, businesses will suffer, enrollment at our schools will be down. Who would want to come here? Certainly not young families who are planning their bright future, not anyone who thought about coming to Meredith, Delhi or any of the surrounding towns to begin a new life.

Is that what we want? Well, maybe there are some who want that, and maybe that is their goal.

It is clear that the IWTs are being shoved down our throats for the good of a few. The people of Meredith and some from surrounding towns have begged, pleaded, even have cried to the town board meetings.

Please don’t do this!

We need to come together, ban IWTs in our beautiful Catskill mountains. Get involved before it is too late.

Maureen Holderith


The Daily Star

27 July 2007