July 27, 2007
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Beasts of our countryside

On a cold February day in 2000, the huge shadows of the Swaffham wind turbine swept relentlessly across the nearby A47 road. Assembled below were a group of Fenland district councillors, who were on a mission, because, many months previously, our local council had extended a warm, welcoming invitation to the wind developers, in order to establish industrial wind factories in our local rural Fenland.

Object of the mission was to assess the impact of such developments on Fenland, and although mostly in favour, they wanted to see just what they were favouring. The chief planning officer at that time could not contain himself. “It’s an awesome beast,” he declared (The Independent February 7, 2000). Our planning officer was, of course, correct and many agreed.

The officer and the council did, of course, recommend for approval many such “awesome beasts” around local Fenland communities and landscapes, although interestingly, turbines were now regarded as a “positive contribution” to be embraced and supported by council. It does appear, however, there are cracks appearing in this industrial courtship.

It now seems that, having disrupted and destroyed some of our local countryside with heavy negative industry, our Fenland Council has “accommodated” enough of these “awesome beasts”, and may not wish to play ball with its political masters any longer.

The wind industry has not been slow in reacting to the public’s withering support of this industrialisation of our countryside and has placed its marketing machine into top gear.

I agree with the council that it is time to withdraw from this rural carnage inflicted by these industrialists. I even more strongly object to my beloved English countryside being concreted over by international giants, that may have very little regard or no concern for our national heritage, the British countryside.

All energy production from Fenland sites must be independently monitored and published. I do not see any reason for not doing so.


Cambs Environmental and Wildlife Protection (CEWP)


Cambs Times

20 July 2007

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