July 26, 2007

Petition launched against turbines

A petition has been launched amid a rising tide of anger against plans to build four giant wind turbines in the midst of two scenic communities.

People in shops and post offices in Ormesby St Margaret and Hemsby have put their names to a petition against the development which opponents say will destroy the landscape and disturb wildlife and neighbours.

Jeanie Shires of Hall Road, Hemsby, said she was collecting comments and signatures in a bid to tap into the strong sense of anger and to challenge SLP Energy, the Lowestoft-based company behind the project, which claims that 70pc of those who filled out a questionnaire at its exhibition on June 14 supported the “green” development.

She said opposition was not just from near neighbours but from people across the two communities, worried that anyone would even consider such a large industrial development so close to homes.

Mrs Shires who runs a diving consultancy business with her husband Don said the shift towards renewable energy although laudable was politically motivated and that while landowners and energy companies stood to gain overall the turbines were “a waste of money”.

“I found the biggest problem was that people do not know much about it,” she said. “I just felt that so many do not know what it entails.

They do not realise the height of these things or the proximity to houses. But if they just visualise it they might think twice.

“Someone said to me that if I am going get free electricity I do not mind. Another thing that worries a lot of us is the amount of concrete that will change the water table.

“They really do need to find somewhere else. They are much too close and much too tall. “Everybody I speak to says they do not want them.

“A lot of people say they never knew about the meeting.”

Borough councillor Jim Shrimplin who represents Ormesby said he had signed the petition and reckoned about two thirds of the names opposed the scheme.

He said of all the letters he had received about the wind farm none had been in favour of it.

The four turbines, at 125m high from base to blade tip will each be almost as tall as the London Eye. They will be capable of producing energy for 5,500 homes.

SLP Energy has not yet confirmed whether it intends to submit a planning application.

Charles Reynolds who also represents Ormesby and is a member of the planning committee which will make the crucial decision said: “We will have to listen to the debate if and when an application comes in.”

By Liz Coates

Great Yarmouth Mercury

26 July 2007

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