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'No wind turbines here'

The planned wind farm will bring big changes for the residents of Brookfield, Grand Rapids and Otter Creek townships.

My property is directly going to be impacted by the proposed construction of wind turbines by Invenergy Wind LLC. I feel that the decision to proceed with this project is unwise and not in the best interest of the majority.

Invenergy LLC makes claims that the proposed wind farm will not change the face or atmosphere of the area, that jobs will be created, property values will not decrease, wildlife will not be impacted and that noise levels and general annoyances will be minimal and unnoticeable.

The facts are:

The environmental issues are huge. The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Guidelines have stated that wind towers should not be near wetlands or other known bird or bat concentration areas. Read any report on other wind projects and it soon becomes horribly clear that wind turbines are not wildlife-friendly. It is documented that in areas where wildlife had been plentiful before construction, were postconstruction devastated.

Invenergy leads us to believe that something which is taller than the Statue of Liberty with a blade span of over 143 feet is quiet and safe. Noise produced by the wind turbines has been described as: airplanes and helicopters continuously passing overhead, brick wrapped in a towel turning in a tumble drier and mixing cement in the sky. “Swishing” from the constant rotation of the huge blades can be heard as far as 3,000 feet away, interfering with the resident’s quality of life.

Restrictions state that the turbines can be placed no closer than 750 feet from an existing dwelling or structure with good reason. At times the turbine blades are rotating at 100 mph. It is documented that these blades can be thrown more than three miles. In the winter they often throw huge chunks of ice into the surrounding area making it unsafe for humans, livestock and property. Wind turbines are big lightning rods and most of the insurance claims concerning them are for lightning damage, the resulting fire and collapse of the tower.

Another issue is the “flickering,” which is caused by sunlight glaring off rotating blades. This “flickering” is similar to a non-stopping strobe light, flashing bursts of bright light and disturbing residents and livestock.

The construction jobs created by the project will be temporary and when all is said and done, Invenergy itself states that only as many as 15 ongoing jobs will be created.

Forty-three owners with 72 tract of land have agreed to construct turbines. How can we allow so few to dictate to so many?



Brookfield Township


23 July 2007