July 21, 2007

Wind project rejected

Plans to construct 10 wind turbines of up to 125 metres in height near Grove have been rejected.

A Public Inquiry launched in January found the proposal – which also included an 80m mast at the Crow Holt site – would have impacted on residents, the landscape and the future development of Gamston Airport.

“We felt the turbines were too big to be positioned so near to houses,” said Alun McKiernon, chairman of Headon-cum-Upton, Grove and Stokeham Parish Council.

“We therefore welcome the decision of the planning inspector.”

Applicants Renewable Energy Systems (RES) have expressed their disappointment at the decision.

“We are convinced that this is one of the best sites in the area,” said RES project manager Annette Deveson.

“It would have made a significant contribution to national and regional efforts to meet renewable energy targets and cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Given this and the support we have received from many local people we are bitterly disappointed at the decision.”

RES have said that the farm would have supplied green energy to a quarter of Bassetlaw homes while reducing annual emissions of CO2 by 45,000 tonnes.

“At a time of serious concern about climate change, rising fuel prices and future supplies of energy, it is exactly this kind of well-designed, low impact renewable energy project that should be getting the go-ahead,” added Mrs Deveson.

A survey conducted by the parish council found most residents were against the proposal.

“We wrote to 141 homes and 91 responded,” said parish council clerk David Landon. “And 75 of those were objecting to the plans.”

“Such a response indicated that it was an issue people were concerned about.”

“And it was an influence on the parish council’s decision to oppose the proposal.”

RES say they have not given up on Notts as a potential location for future projects, and will be reviewing the inspector’s findings in more detail before considering the next step.


20 July 2007

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