July 6, 2007
California, Letters

A total failure

Regarding Edison’s proposal to obtain additional and cheaper power from Arizona (“Cheaper power on the way?” July 3).

Isn’t wind power’s annual contribution of seven-tenths of one percent to Edison’s supply enough? For 25 years we have been told that by putting up more windmills, they would supply all the power we need and could even power the entire country.

What happened to all the billions and billions of dollars that were poured into the wind industry program by the rate payers and taxpayers for energy neither produced nor delivered?

Now once again, Edison is asking their rate payers to foot the bill for more energy supply.

I think that somewhere along the line, we the payees need to get a refund from someone for a failed experiment called wind power before our bills are quadrupled again.

Alexandra Weit

The Desert Sun

6 July 2007

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