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County attempting an end run around zoning

On July 5, 2007 at 7 P.M. in the county building, Chairman John Blum and his cronies will attempt to pass legislation that will completely change the meaning of agriculture.

They are going to eliminate the current definition of what can be known as agriculture so it will suit their attempts to ramrod wind turbines into our area.

Included in this legislation will be rules eliminating our right to any redress if these and other industries cause us harm. Isn’t that a right of all citizens in these United States? We, the citizens, will not be able to have hearings on these things in the future because wind turbines and other industries will be included in the definition of their idea of agriculture.

When we were first notified of any hearings on wind turbines they scheduled the first hearing for election day. Now they are having hearings on July 2nd and July 5th right during the holiday week. Is this a coincidence? Obtaining any information was a struggle as it was for us at the Zoning hearings.

I admit I don’t have all the answers but I do know this sounds wrong. It also smacks of dictatorship. There are many problems with wind turbines and I know you have heard most of them but this denies that there are any.

We need help. We need the media to cover this and attend these hearings. We need knowledgeable reporters that can sift through this, without bias, and make the public aware of what is going on. I plead with you to help in this matter. We are a large group of residents compared to the few profiting from these wind turbines and being ordinary working and retired people we do not have the resources it will take to do this all on are own.

We need the public, other residents and public officials to know what is going on. No public entity should do this to its constituents. This board even fired a zoning board member because he agreed with us and this member had served a long time. Is this tyranny? When will our representatives going to stand up and be counted? Are they hiding? Where is any fairness?

Sam Guffrea

Lancaster Township – Freeport

The Journal-Standard

3 July 2007