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Residents welcome decision

Those opposed to the Motorimu wind farm were yesterday processing the decision.

Scotts Road resident Sue Stewart said she was pleased with the decision.

“On the whole we’re very happy. We’re certainly happy that the commissioners recognised there were significant issues.”

She said the decision to cut the number of wind turbines by 40 percent was a good one, though she would have preferred none at all.

“It, in some ways, helps with the noise, but not completely.”

Mrs Stewart said she was happy the wait for the decision was finally over.

“It was quite difficult to have to wait for so long.

“It’s good to know that time was spent evaluating the issues properly, rather than a knee-jerk reaction to the information that was provided at the hearing.”

She would be consulting with other members of the Tararua Aokautere Guardians before deciding if further action was to be taken.

Millricks Line resident Tony Paewai was pleased the turbines behind his house were among those that had consent declined.

“It’s good to see that the commissioners have obviously been listening to us and have taken a lot of our points on board.”

He felt there were still problems with the decision.

“I think more research should be done into vibrational impact of those things (turbines).”

He Kupenga Hao i te Reo (Inc) secretary Ian Christensen had objected to the proposed Motorimu wind farm because “further desecration of the ridge line” would weaken mauri to a point where the “wellbeing of people would be in jeopardy”.

He declined to comment until he had finished reading the decision.

Manawatu Standard

28 June 2007