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There's no inalienable right to harm neighbors

At the June 6 Ellis County Planning Commission Board meeting, board member Charlie Rohr said that he doesn’t think that anyone should be able to tell you what you can do on or with your property.

With that said, why can’t people who live in the city limits have a party that gets out of hand with loud music? Why can’t the citizens of Hays let their grass and weeds grow as tall as they want? Why was the city of Hays upset when they did not like the odor coming from the college farm? Or, what if your city neighbor wants to put a run-down trailer home in the vacant lot that adjoins to your property? After all, these scenarios take place with property owners or renters, correct? They should be able do as they please on their own property, according to Rohr.

And yet, the people that are going to be forced to live around the turbines are not supposed to get upset or cry foul due to the turbines on our neighbors’ land. Our neighbors want to place permanent structures (more than 100 turbines nearly 400 feet high) that will cast shadows on our homes and produce sounds that cause VAD (vibro-acoustic disease). Let’s not forget the pure ugliness of the turbines – along with scarring our rural environment with roads and power lines. (I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.)

If citizens of Hays don’t like what is happening in their neighborhood they can call the police. The police will make neighbors turn music down, mow their lawns and get odors under control. Once the turbines are up, who are we going to call about nuisances that we will be facing? Are Charlie Rohr and other commissioners going to help us when that time comes? Mr. Rohr can’t; nobody can.

Once these wind turbines are in Ellis County, they are here for at least for 25 years, according to Krista Jo Gordon, representing CPV. My guess is it will be much longer as they will become a vast graveyard of useless metal when they are deemed unserviceable.

Why should I pick up roots and move because my neighbors want to do as they please? Would the citizens of Hays want to sell their homes – perhaps take a loss – because the neighbors have the right do whatever they want on their own property? I think not.

Many Web sites show people in real situations living with wind turbines in their back yards. Please look at www.hcwind.com and click on “Awesome video clips.” These are ordinary people who have the misfortune of living within a wind farm. Listen to the sales pitches they were given before wind turbines came to their community. They sound similar to the ones we have been hearing from Iberdrola representatives. Sounds like there is a master script these salespeople have memorized. Most of the “promises” they were told did not come to light and now they are horrified with the consequences. Please listen to their stories and put yourselves in their shoes.

For local, heartfelt stories and more information regarding wind turbine issues refer to elliscoalition.blogspot.com. We all need to be educated about this project. Let’s keep wind turbines away from families in our community.

What is the purpose of the Ellis County Planning Commission? Be consistent and fair when making wise decisions that promote health, safety, comfort and general welfare of the citizens in Ellis County.

Mary Barnes

615 Munjor Road

Hays Daily News

13 June 2007