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Wind turbines are not a local benefit

I read with interest the letter from Sam Guffrea in the April 12 newspaper. Thank you for reprinting it with the photo he sent in of the wind towers.

You put on the front page a while back a deceiving photo of modern wind towers compared to an old time farm windmill. Not even close. The size difference is not even close. So why can you not show us the true photo of what people will see if the towers are put up?

Come on Journal-Standard show us both sides so we can decide for ourselves, as Mr. Guffrea said.

Stephenson County has always protected the farmland. Now they want to put up huge wind towers to block the beautiful landscape, and lose valuable farmland.

One year ago our son and daughter-in-law bought a home and now find out it will be right in the middle of the towers. They were not told of this development before they bought their home. The people who will benefit financially were told to keep quiet about it. If it is such a great thing for Stephenson County then why was it kept hush-hush?

All I can say is just remember all the electricity as I understand it will be sent to Chicago not to Stephenson County.

Remind me again what a great thing this is and how it will help the citizens of Stephenson County?

Daryland Terri Thyberg


19 April 2007