April 11, 2007
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Progress? At whose expense? Could be yours!

Are you a property owner in the Southern Tier? Do you enjoy a summer home, recreational property, fishing, hunting or just like to get away from it all? Your country abode may be threatened by projects that directly affect your country peace and solitude.

The towns of Eagle, Centerville and Farmersville are being eyed for 200 of the 400-feet high-wind turbines. Ridge tops will be clear cut and access roads built. Scenic vistas will be obliterated by the industrial-sized machines, making the “Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County” a thing of the past.

Some landowners have already negotiated agreements.

We are all in agreement that as a society, we need to explore greener energy choices, but should this be at the expense of the residents and visitors to our area? The best way to help the environment is to conserve, not build industrial wind farms to perpetuate energy greed!

Who really benefits from this supposed “green energy” – energy at the expense of those in the Southern Tier. The energy produced by large wind farms is taken via transmission lines to large metropolitan areas with huge energy needs. Progress towards greener energy? At whose expense? Yours.

Large turbines are associated with shadow flicker known to cause both migraines and seizures. Additionally, ice buildup can dislodge and be thrown hundreds if not thousands of feet. Will your hunting cabin or summer home be in harm’s way. Noise from the wind turbines is yet another problem. The World Health Organization states that 30 decibels can cause steep disturbances and accompanying health problems. Those for our region are rated at 45 to 50 decibels in a 30 mph wind velocity. The wind velocity is frequently higher in this area. What noise level will you be subjected to during your weekend stay?

Setbacks- discussed at local town board meetings are not strict enough to eliminate concerns of shadow flicker, ice throw or noise.

If you own or enjoy property in these areas, make every attempt to attend local town board meetings and let your taxpaying voice be heard test you find a wind turbine in your back yard! The next public hearing will be at 7 p.m. April 19 at Farmersvitte Town Hatt.

By Lois Ann Zendarski
Niagara Gazette

niagara-gazette.com [1]

10 April 2007

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