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Fairfield Concerned Citizens Inc. organizing fundraising campaign

Little Falls, NY January 22, 2007 – The Town of Fairfield is facing the prospect of having a large industrial wind turbine facility built in the town. Atlantic Wind,LLC is proposing to build an installation of 61 wind turbines, 45 in the Town of Fairfield, 16 in the Town of Norway. Each of these mammoth wind turbines would be 40 stories tall ““ 389 feet from ground to rotor tip, the rotor itself, bigger than a Boeing 747.

The landowners who have agreed to lease their property to Atlantic Wind,LLC are the only residents who would receive any benefit from this project. They will receive thousands of dollars per year for each turbine. But everyone else has to live with the turbines negative effects and has to put up with dozens of skyscraper sized turbines forever despoiling the landscape, producing low frequency sound that has disturbing effects on many people, producing shadow flicker that can be physically disorienting, decreasing property values and affecting the quality of life in the community as well as killing wildlife. Sadly, Human Health studies are non-existent for this project.

It is the goal of Fairfield Concerned Citizens Inc. to educate the public about the real effects of wind turbines. Wind turbines are not good for the environment. They do not reduce the need
for imported oil. They do not reduce the cost of electricity. They will however stop people from building homes near them, hurting residential growth and local businesses.

Fairfield Concerned Citizens Inc., a non-profit organization has been formed to bring public attention to the problems which can result if the proposed industrial wind turbine facility is built, and to bring legal proceedings if necessary. To that end, Fairfield Concerned Citizens Inc. has retained attorney Robert M. Cohen, of Ballston Lake, New York.

Please help us STOP wind turbines from being built in populated residential areas. Tax deductible donations are needed and can be sent to Fairfield Concerned Citizens Inc. at P.O. Box 1013, Little Falls, NY 13365.

For more information contact Andy McEvoy, (315 ) 823-4773, or Jim Salamone, (315) 823-3477, or Don Denapole, (315) 891-3036 or E-mail the group at: fairfieldcc@hotmail.com