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Wind Power Won't Help

Saying that wind is renewable energy and that placing wind turbines on our mountains will solve global warming and also our energy problems is a wonderful thought. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Turbines will have many negative impacts on the environment, and will look like strange space aliens coming up out of the ground. So much for going to the wilderness to appreciate nature.

As far as benefiting people, the only ones who will benefit are the ones who are getting the great tax breaks from constructing these things.

There is so much information on how turbines will not work and will actually cause more pollution, but the idea sounds so interesting that well meaning people aren’t interested in looking for the truth, and the well-financed turbine developers are willing to spend anything to get these things constructed.

Not only is putting turbines on Jack Mountain a bad idea, but putting them anywhere on the northeastern mountain ranges is a bad idea. Please do more research on this topic to understand it is a destructive project. Once they are up, it will be too late.

Margaret Collins

Morgantown W.V.