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Turbine Issues

It will be another seven months before residents in Pendleton County will know if wind turbines will be built on Jack Mountain.

Tension between both sides is growing.

“I just don’t want to cause any more controversy,” says Kim Crane who lives right next to Jack Mountain, where giant wind turbines could be built in the next few years.

She won’t say whether she wants the turbines or not.

Tensions between those who want them and those who don’t have gotten so bad, she’s afraid to let anyone know where she stands.

“People do hold those grudges, they do become more vocal against one another so its like stiring up the pot,” says Crane.

Residents say tensions have just gotten out of control.

“I can see people not talking to each other for years if one person wanted it and another didn’t,” says resident Pam Ruigh.

Crane says, even though things are bad now she hopes that after the project is accepted or rejected, things will go back to normal.

“It’ll take a long time, a lot of people will hold grudges probably and it will all depend totally on whether the windmills go in I think, on whether or not those wounds are healed.”

The decision on the turbines should be made in June.