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Let us hope the inspector can see past propaganda

Let us hope that the inspector heading the inquiry into the planning application to build 300ft high wind turbines near South Molton has the independence of thought and mind to see past the Green propaganda and see it for the political scam that it is. The figures for electricity generated, houses supplied and carbon emissions prevented are all plucked from the air, with not a vestige of factual proof. The attraction for the builders are the huge subsidies. The only true test of the supporters of wind turbines would be for their own electricity to be supplied exclusively by the turbines.The 20% gap in the annual supply would generate some interesting solutions to the total absence of any source of electrical power.

The real reason for government support is that they are an easy entry into the environmental argument that the Chancellor is going to use to raise billions of pounds of new taxation. He has already started with increases in taxes on vehicles and on aircraft fuel. Soon there will be road charges, congestion charges, increased airport taxes and the introduction of emissions taxes on industry. Not a penny of this money will be spent on cleaning up the atmosphere, it will just disappear into the bottomless pit of government spending. All our politicians know full well that anything we do will not make a scrap of difference to global warming or any other phenomenon. India, China and the United States will never take any action to reduce their own emissions.

If permission for these monsters is granted, no future planning application will ever be able to be refused on the grounds of environmental impact. Nothing could have a greater impact on the Devon countryside than a bunch of towers three times the height of Nelson’s column with a huge propeller whirling round on the top of each one.

The actual enquiry is probably a farce in any case. John Prescott’s sinister office of the Deputy Prime Minister will overrule any decision which does not support his attack on rural communities.

D W Almond,

Pixie Dell,