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Villagers: 'we're under siege by wind turbines'

Villagers today fear they are being besieged by wind farms as plans for more huge turbines have been announced.

An energy company has revealed proposals to build up to seven giant turbines north of Roos, near Withernsea.

The scheme, by Energiekontor, is the fourth earmarked for land around the small Holderness village.

In total, 23 turbines – some 410ft (125m) – are being planned for fields surrounding Roos by only a few miles.

The firm is also looking at a second wind farm, about a mile east of Withernwick, south of Hornsea.

That would host 10 turbines, each at 413ft (126m) – among the tallest in the East Riding.

Valerie Hoe, 59, of Main Street, Roos, said she opposed the number of wind farm developments heading to the area.

“If I won the lottery right now I would move away from here,” she said.

“We just seem to be becoming the dumping ground for this type of development.

“It’s not just wind farms, but things such as gas caverns as well.”

Mrs Hoe said she understood the need for renewable energy, but was concerned at the scale of the proposals being lined up for Holderness.

She said: “A lot of people I talk to say if it was one or two schemes then fine.

“But I fear many more would be a blot on the landscape and there are also other issues such as noise.

“We can already see the turbines at Out Newton from here.”

Energiekontor is considering applying for planning permission for turbines of about 400ft (122m) a mile north-east of the centre of Roos, at Monkwith, close to the coastal hamlet of Tunstall.

Together with the Withernwick proposals, both schemes could provide enough electricity to power the equivalent of 21,000 homes a year – more than 40 times the number of properties in the parish of Roos.

South Holderness Opposes Wind Turbines chairman Cherie Blenkin, of Main Street, Roos, said: “It’s the industrialisation of the East Riding. We are no longer going to be an area of countryside.

“Wind turbines are spreading like a virus across the region.

“We are in the middle of a triangle of proposals and no one knows what the cumulative effect in terms of noise could be.”

Energiekontor project manager Conrad Atkinson said draft proposals for the turbines had been outlined to parish councillors in Roos and Withernwick.

Consultation involving residents and other groups is under way.

He said that would include looking at the cumulative impact of similar schemes in the area.

Mr Atkinson said: “We believe the two sites may be suitable for wind farms, but it is important to undertake a detailed assessment in order to better understand and minimise potential impacts on residents and the environment.

“We are very keen to hear the views of people on relevant issues we should consider.”

Depending on the outcome of the work, a planning application could be made in the next four months.