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Wind farms are bad news

The Times & Star of October 27 quotes Michael Stamford, marketing director of Mellinus Renewables, as saying “opposition groups such as the one in Tallentire think the sky belongs to them.”

Mr Stamford’s company is the latest to apply to develop a wind farm, at Oughterside in West Cumbria.

The Tallentire action group has chosen simply to question the suitability of recent proposed wind farms with the local planning authority.

The group is motivated by concern for their own and others environment.

As a marketing director, Mr Stamford is motivated by nothing more than Mammon and, coming from Norwich, he hardly represent West Cumbrians’ interests.

The land owners are motivated by financial considerations also.

The local planning authority is motivated by planning law and government policy.

Should government policy be wrong (wind turbines are notoriously ineffective at generating substantial amounts of electricity), then West Cumbria will be blighted by a plethora of wind farms that will ruin the landscape, adversely affect tourism, harm our environment, and not do much to save the planet.

But then as government policy is so rarely wrong, maybe we have nothing to worry about, and we should just keep our concerns to ourselves as Mr Stamford suggests?