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Here are a few reasons to support wind farms

Why I support wind farms:

1. Too much wildlife. Who needs deer hunting or bird watching? Scouts can stop picking up cans by the roadsides and begin collecting thousands of dead birds.

2. Weight limitations on roads only apply to certain people. Townships should pay for the damage.

3. Unit 5 deserves more money – replacing flags and bus drivers isn’t cheap.

4. Who cares when property values decrease 10-30 percent?

5. Nausea from the flicker of turbine blades never hurt anyone except people killed in auto accidents from it. Autism-like symptoms from noise and vibrations aren’t my problem.

6. I encourage businesses like Mitsubishi to take 10 years of “incentives” then sue for lower tax assessment rates when it’s time to pay their fair share.

7. I prefer turbine factory sprawl to growth of new businesses that actually pay taxes.

8. “Green” energy should disrupt migratory bird routes, deplete bat populations, destroy farmland and sicken livestock.

9. I admire elected officials who pledge to buy unreliable energy at any cost.

10. Rendering soil useless for four years from compaction and preventing neighbors’ farmland from being protected from Asian soybean rust, aphids and spider mites actually helps farmers.

11. Kids love chasing large chunks of ice thrown from giant blades in winter.

12. I welcome hundreds of strobe lights flashing every three seconds 400 feet high. It’s been far too dark out in the country for too long.

13. My electric bill is too low and service too reliable. I’d like to see rate increases of 55 percent with blackouts.

14. Enron’s accounting genius needs to be duplicated in Central Illinois.

15. A few deaths and inconvenience to thousands of commuters from reconfigured roads during construction is a small price to pay for a select few to benefit from wind factories.

Kim Schertz

Rural Hudson